Undress & let silk caress...

Undress & let silk caress…

Just released! My latest Erotic Hypnosis session entitled “Silken Treasure” (Click title to hear first 5 minutes, 40:38 total time). This is more a fetish session than an edgy session as I increase the desire for silk in your life.  You will want it for your lover and you may enjoy playing with it yourself. In fact, you may find yourself quite distracted by the idea of ladies like me who wear silk in your presence.


~D. Ava

3 thoughts on “Edge Fall into SILKEN PLEASURE…

  1. mytoy1947 says:

    This is one file that is so Very Horny.

  2. mytoy1947 says:

    I listened to Edge Walk. I must say that your voice was so lovely to hear through my headphones. Unfortunately Domina Ava I was unable to fall over the edge the first time for you, even though I wanted to do so for you My Lady. It has taken 7 times listening to this file before i finally fell over The Edge for You Domina Ava. Maybe i was just too keen to do this for You My Lady. What i can tell You is that i did go into a trance each time whilst listening to this file. Now that i have finally fallen over The Edge i await just what you have in store for me in the future. In the meantime I do still have 3 more of your files to enjoy My Lady.

  3. mytoy1947 says:

    Dom Ava, You are a vision of loveliness wearing silken panties for all of us to drool over My Lady.

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