Hypnoslave is here!

new release

Allow my soothing and seductive voice to lead you down into a deep hypnotic trance where your desire for erotic hypnosis will be doubled and tripled.  You will hunger and crave the idea of me hypnotizing you and will allow yourself to drop quick and deep for me…think you can resist? Get Hypnoslave now!

A special thank you to Hypnocarshy for writing and sharing this wonderful script.


2 thoughts on “Hypnoslave is here!

  1. Your Slave says:

    Ava, I love your voice and words.. but hypnofantasydownloads.com is an awful website where I was not able to complete my purchase after trying many times. Finally, when it did complete, it does not allow me to download the files anywhere.

    Just FYI.

    • avalonghard says:

      Thank you, slave.
      I apologize for the trouble you experienced at the site…there have been some site upgrades in the works that have caused a few hiccups from the back end. Thanks for letting me know! I’ve informed the site administrator so the issue can be rectified and prevented from happening again.

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