The Perfect Panty Experience

Perfect-Panty-Experience-2A very special session designed to make you crave owning a pair of my gently used panties. In our recent survey of members over 70% had interest in such a program. Do not listen to this session unless you want it to work on you. You can challenge yourself and attempt to prove you are stronger than the hypnosis, but in all likelihood you will come out of the session wanting to buy my panties. ;o)

Be forewarned: I am relentless in my hypnotic suggestions to get my way!  So if the idea excites you and you can afford to play along, I welcome you to join MY PERFECT PANTY EXPERIENCE.

“‎Hi Ava, Hope you’re well. Letting you know I received the order a few days ago. Thanks very much! The most touchingly erotic experience… You have searing good taste 😉 not to take anything away from any of the others…” – J.L.

“Hi Ava, I tried out the session last night.  Hard to say which one of your sessions I love the most, but this one had my head spinning and just oozing without any touch…I received them last Saturday! I have to say that it has taken the session to a whole new level!” – Y.P.

“Hi Ava! I´m surprised and happy, I just received your panties today. That´s way faster than I would have dared to hope 🙂 Thanks a lot!” – D.G.

“…You’re not the only one excited! ;-)” – M.T.

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