Perfect Panty Feedback

Dear Ava: Here’s my review…believe me, I mean every word of it. You are simply the best.Reviewer: D S

Date Added: 08/01/2014
A solid five stars — only because that’s the most that can be awarded. Another wonderful effort from Ava Longhard, who has quickly become my favorite hypnodomme … and I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future. Ava has an incredibly arousing voice, and I love the way she enunciates each word. Of course the technical quality is top-notch, just what I have learned to expect from every HF recording. I certainly miss Nikki Fatale, but Ava is a very capable and wonderfully bewitching substitute. (I’m not suggesting the Ava takes second place to anyone.) I’m looking forward with great anticipation, enthusiasm and zeal to many more recordings from this very sexy and talented woman.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

Lots of great sessions in the works!

Just finished the outline for a sensual, Domme Controlled Masturbation Experience, and will work on the outline for a Guided Fleshlight Stroke Session over the next few days.

You’ll also soon be given a glimpse into what makes “My Perfect Man”…and, by popular demand, a “Massive Cock 2” is being worked on.

There are also six surprise sessions on the docket…stay tuned.

~D. Ava

Enjoy Your Fleshlight Masturbation Toy


This is a very powerful erotic hypnosis training session for those who enjoy the pleasure of their Fleshlight toy. In this session you will be programmed to feel more pleasure, crave more pleasure,  and need more pleasure from your Fleshlight. Your imagination will also be programmed to picture whomever it is you want to be with when you use your Fleshlight toy…you will see them, sense them and feel them.

As an added bonus if you share your Fleshlight toy playing fetish with a partner you will become more aroused and excited because you will feel their intimate pleasure on top of your own. So be prepared to become a slave to your Fleshlight arousal as you give into the immense pleasure you feel the moment it hugs your “Rock Hard Now” cock. Are you ready to take part in The Fleshlight Experiment?

The more you listen, the better it gets… trust me on that one!

Reviewer: S J
Date Added: 07/18/2014
Had a great experience with the Fleshlight Experiment and felt like this was an extremely good hypnosis session. Plus Ava’s voice and instructions are hypnotic and magical. At first, I was unsure at how this session was going to work but once I settled in and started listening . . . let me just say, by the end I had an amazing time with my Fleshlight. I cant wait to listen to this experiment several more times to get the full effect.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

Reviewer: D S
Date Added: 06/30/2014
Enjoy Your Fleshlight Masturbation Toy is another tour de force from the oh-so-sexy and talented Ava Longhard. If you have a Fleshlight, you must get this. If you don’t have a Fleshlight, you will after listening to this. Of course, you will get hard just listening to Ava read the copyright notice. I’m looking forward to many more recordings from Ava, and I certainly hope there is a Fleshlight II in the works.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

The Perfect Panty Experience

Perfect-Panty-Experience-2A very special session designed to make you crave owning a pair of my gently used panties. In our recent survey of members over 70% had interest in such a program. Do not listen to this session unless you want it to work on you. You can challenge yourself and attempt to prove you are stronger than the hypnosis, but in all likelihood you will come out of the session wanting to buy my panties. ;o)

Be forewarned: I am relentless in my hypnotic suggestions to get my way!  So if the idea excites you and you can afford to play along, I welcome you to join MY PERFECT PANTY EXPERIENCE.

“‎Hi Ava, Hope you’re well. Letting you know I received the order a few days ago. Thanks very much! The most touchingly erotic experience… You have searing good taste 😉 not to take anything away from any of the others…” – J.L.

“Hi Ava, I tried out the session last night.  Hard to say which one of your sessions I love the most, but this one had my head spinning and just oozing without any touch…I received them last Saturday! I have to say that it has taken the session to a whole new level!” – Y.P.

“Hi Ava! I´m surprised and happy, I just received your panties today. That´s way faster than I would have dared to hope 🙂 Thanks a lot!” – D.G.

“…You’re not the only one excited! ;-)” – M.T.

Back from vacay!

I’ve just returned from a Vegas vacation, and this was the first email I opened. Brought a smile to my face…I love to hear that my sessions are being enjoyed. And, for the record, custom sessions are available! 

~D. Ava

Did the Mutual Masturbation session last night.  I think that was the most intense self pleasuring experience I have ever had. Actually, it was better than most sex I’ve ever had. It lasted 30 minutes after the recording finished and VERY intense edging followed by an incredibly explosive orgasm.  I have no idea where your talent comes from but have tried many other erotic hypno sessions and nothing else comes close.  Do you do custom sessions?

Hypnoslave is here!

new release

Allow my soothing and seductive voice to lead you down into a deep hypnotic trance where your desire for erotic hypnosis will be doubled and tripled.  You will hunger and crave the idea of me hypnotizing you and will allow yourself to drop quick and deep for me…think you can resist? Get Hypnoslave now!

A special thank you to Hypnocarshy for writing and sharing this wonderful script.